The Andrea Tedesco Institute

Our mission is to transform the professional lives of our employees, STUDENTS, rescuing the self-esteem of our PATIENTS and make highly effective and safe aesthetic procedures accessible to the population.

The Andrea Tedesco Institute

The Andrea Tedesco Institute was officially founded in 2018 and is dedicated to training professionals at the highest level who wish to work with the most innovative facial and body aesthetics.

Without a doubt, the highest levels of Orofacial Harmonization were reached in Brazil and much is due to the doctor Andrea Tedesco , for her tireless fight for EFFECTIVENESS and SAFETY in aesthetic procedures, and through the development of techniques associated with cutting-edge technology.

Today the Andrea Tedesco institute is a reference in Brazil and abroad for its highly qualified team, its unique physical infrastructure with spaces designed for students to develop their full potential.

In addition to all this, healthcare professionals who wish to qualify will still find a unique, welcoming environment with many networking possibilities to achieve their goals and transform your career!!

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Student testimony

The Andrea Tedesco Institute is responsible for my Facial Harmonization training and I couldn't have chosen a better place... welcoming and extremely scientific, which trains qualified professionals and teaches them how to work safely and effectively!!!
Today I have a successful clinic and I certainly owe a lot to the Institute and Dr Tedesco!! ❤️

Simone Lima

CRO/ RJ 24653

Facial Harmonization became my passion from the first moment I stepped into the Andrea Tedesco Institute. I would like to say a huge thank you to the entire team, who have given me countless opportunities for growth within Facial Harmonization. Here I started this journey, I fell in love with the content and now I'm part of this team with great pride! It's wonderful to work with serious, competent people who do everything with lots of love ❤️

Fernanda Leal

CRO/RJ 54486

I am immensely grateful for the IAT! ❤️
Each experience, each learning shaped not only my career, but also my worldview. The Institute not only provided me with knowledge, it also cultivated in me a passion for teaching and inspires me to transform lives every day!

Cinthya Bessa

CRO/RJ 33750

It was an incredible experience to be able to learn from this team and explore the most advanced dentistry has to offer. I am sure that the Andrea Tedesco Institute played a fundamental role in my professional journey and I am immensely grateful for the entire team that welcomed me.

Luis Henrique Abrantes

CRORJ: 54483


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